FLAT BREAD                                         1.75 

Warm, topped with Dukkah.

d i n n e r

n i b b l e s

s a l a d s  &  s i d e s

HALLOUMI FINGERS                                 3.50  

Fried & dusted with Za’atar seasoning.

GORDAL OLIVES                                     3.00

Fat giant pitted Olives harvested in Andalucia.

FLAT BREAD & DIP                                   4.50

Choose from Hummus or Mousse (Rose Harissa, Feta & Red Pepper).

PECORINO CHIPS                                   3.50 

Baked until Golden and Crispy.

HERITAGE TOMATOES                           4.50

Topped with Citrus Sumac dressing and marinated Onions

FUNGHETTO AUBERGINE                      4.00

Sauttéed diced Aubergines, Napolitan tomato sauce, fresh Basil.

MINTED ZUCHINNI                                4.00

Chargrilled and marinated with red wine vinager, garlic and mint.

m a i n s

PARMIGANA STACK                                7.00

Roasted Aubergines, Mozzarella, Crispy Pecorino, Pesto and Tomato Sauce.

BELLY & CRACKLING                               8.50

Slow cooked Pork Belly, Middle Eastern Spices, Fruit Juice marinade. Served with Apple Tabbouleh.


CITRUS CHICKEN                                     8.00

Crusty, Orange & Lemon zest, ground Almonds & Za’atar. Served with warm Hummus and Pinenuts.


ARGENTINE STEAK                                   9.00

Grilled Rump Fillet steak, seasoned with Maldon Sea Salt, accompanied by authentic pickled Aubergines.

d e s s e r t s

BAKED CHEESECAKE                               5.50

Served with Caramelized Seville Orange Marmalade and Crushed Pistachios.



A Gluten-Free option dusted with Cocoa, served with Cream & Berries.

From 6:30 pm
Small bites for share, we recommend two per person.
Food Allergy or Intolerance? Please ask before ordering. We will advice you based on your needs.

TAQUITOS DE PAPA                                 7.50

Blue Corn Tortilla, filled with Mexican style Mash Potatoes & Black Bean Sauce.

POLENTA & ASPARAGUS                          6.50

SweetCorn Polenta, Feta Cheese & Chargrilled Asparagus.


BAKED MONTE ENEBRO                          7.50

Goat Cheese with delicious Mouldy Rind, served with Truffle Honey in Iron Cast Pan.


BALSAMIC BURRATA                                7.50

Burrata from Puglia, warm balsamic blushed Tomatoes, Rocket & Balsamic Vinager Caviar.